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Rafael Hinestroza Escobar is a multidisciplinary designer living and working from Bogotá, Colombia, who builds bridges of communication by using graphic & web design tools to connect businesses, projects, and people across analog and digital platforms.


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  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Lightroom
  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Xd
  • Windows & Mac
  • HTML 5 & CSS3
  • Drupal CMS
  • Image retouching
  • Leadership
  • Typography
  • Bootstrap
  • Basic video edition
  • Figma
  • Presentation skills
  • Premiere Pro
  • Keynote


MOTOGHOFEN's website Home screen shown in a laptop computer.
'MOTOGHOFEN landing page section 2.
MOTOGHOFEN landing page section 3.
MOTOGHOFEN landing page, login screen.
MOTOGHOFEN landing page responsive screenshots
MOTOGHOFEN landing page section responsive screenshot.
MOTOGHOFEN graphic elements used across the landing page.

Client: MOTOGHOFEN (formerly known as KTM TORQUE)
Agency: Independent.
Role: Creative direction, visual design/prototyping in Figma, and landing page development in Drupal 10. Writing.

I'm a fan of motorcycles and a motorcyclist myself; one of those who likes to get dirty in the mud and doesn't fear (but respects) riding through the heavy rain, and loves to be amused with pleasant aesthetics and elegance conveyed by a two-wheeled machine.

I met Carlos (the founder/owner of MOTOGHOFEN) more than a year ago at a motorcycling event, and became one of his customers after being amazed with his extensive knowledge and passion for the matter, by trusting him and his team with my Husqvarna.

We became friends and Carlos told me about the upcoming plans of renewing his brand with the help of some creative people I hadn't the chance to meet yet, but he had no idea about anyone who could build a self-manageable landing page to match MOTOGOFEN's new brand identity.

Sometimes it's better to have friends than money, because new businesses can come unexpectedly.

The exchange of wisdom, ideas and life experiences came and went, so he asked if I wanted to take the challenge; little he knew that I was taking [mental] notes from the very begining to help him narrate his dream's story in a bold but empathic language with a unique visual style.

Ingeniar Risk Intelligence

Ingeniar's website Home screen shown in three viewports: tablet, laptop and mobile.
'Ingeniar's website Services screen shown on a laptop.
Ingeniar's website Risk Models page shown on a mobile device.
Multiple image captures from different pages belonging to Ingeniar Risk Intelligence's website: Software services, Cost-benefit, and CAPRA (software) modules.

Client: Ingeniar Risk Intelligence.
Agency: Pixel Club SAS (multiple colaborators).
Role: Visual design, custom fields development and some CSS deployment.

Ingeniar Risk Intelligence is a company specialized in providing services on the fields of engineering, planning and public policy, with an emphasis on the assessment of natural hazards.

Due to the firm's international presence, we built a bilingual website using Drupal CMS to be easily managed on a frequent basis by any of the Ingeniar's team members.

Makro Office

Makro Office's website shown on a tablet along with some typographic composition.
Typographic composition showcasing company's contact info and an image capture of an internal web page.
Graphic elements associated to different instances of Makro Office's corporate services portfolio.
Typographic compositions and screenshots of some internal pages of Makro Office's corporate services portfolio.
A screenshot from a Makro Office's internal webpage show both on desktop and mobile screens.

Client: Makro Office LTDA.
Agency: Idependent
Role: Visual design for print and web + Brand building.

Makro Office is a company that started selling standard office supplies in 1995, and gradually evolved to offer a wide range of services nested into three pillars: I.T infrastructure, support, and Cloud development for companies operating on the fields of finance, food, advertising, pharmaceutical and education.

We've been working together since 2012 designing and developing their corporate communication across different channels: services portfolio (print & digital), keynotes, mailings, a static website along with landing pages to display products with specific brand guidelines.

The result: a modern eye-catching yet formal visual language that has led to acquire more business transactions for the company.

Currently, a self mangeable and refined website is on the works, which will be deployed by 2023.

Santo & Seña

Home screen Ingeniar's website
'Our company' screen Ingeniar's website
'Services' screen Ingeniar's website
'screen Ingeniar's website' inner page Ingeniar's website

Client: Santo & Seña bookstore.
Agency: Pixel Club SAS.
Role: Graphic design, landing page & mockup designs plus content management on their [former] webstore.

Santo & Seña is a quirky bookshop which came to life from an alliance between PixelClub and Rey Naranjo Editores. The place talks the digital language without abandoning the analog vibes nor the social experiences offered through books, movies, drinks, objects, workshops, friends and music.

Created mockups for different product categories, wrote articles, retouched photos, and also designed and published landing pages to showcase relevant information about new objects, music and movies.
It's nice to have some creative freedom.